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Mr. Boyle’s Home Page – [click here] full of education resources for students and teachers

Project Ebook – Download copies of novels studied at TLDSB schools – [click here]



Math Homework

Homework for MPM2D (Grade 10 Academic Math) – [click here]

Homework for MBF3C ( Grade 11 Business Math)   - [click here]



Computer Engineering Homework

Grade 9 Integrated Technology – Computers – Assignments – [click here]

A complete FREE (self-learn) Programming Course in Java  - [click here]

A complete set of Q Basic Assignments - [ click here ]

Programmable Controller Labs for Computer Engineering [click here]



Electrical Technology Materials

Grade 10 Electrical Technology Theory (Chapter) Assignments  [click here]

Grade 10 Electrical Blueprint Reading Assignments  [click here]

Grade 10 Electrical Circuit Wiring Assignments  [click here]

Grade 11 Electrical Technology Theory (Chapter) Assignments  [click here]

Programmable Controller Labs for Electrical Technology [click here]




Woodshop Materials

Course Materials for Grade 9 Woodshop TTI101 – [click here]

Safety Labs for all Woodshop courses -  [click here]

Course Assignments for Grade 10 Woodshop TCJ20 [click here]



Transportation Technology Labs

Grade 9 Transportation Technology Labs for TTI101 – [click here]

Grade 10 Transportation Technology Labs for TTJ20 -[click here]

Small Engines Course Assignments  - [click here]

Arc Welding Mini-Module - [click here]

Ontario G1 –Driver’s Licence – Study Module -  [click here]

Canadian - Pleasure Craft Operators Card – Study Module  - [click here]







Mr. B and family travel photos [click here]